Thursday, 6 October 2016

So I Read THE HUNGER GAMES and the World Didn't End

So I never really had any interest in The Hunger Games. I watched the first movie when it came out in cinemas (I think I went with my mother, can't quite remember), and it was decent but I never bothered to watch the rest, and never had any interest in reading the books. I scrolled through posts about it on Tumblr and read the spoilers with no hesitation; I was never going to read it, but the discussions were interesting, so who cares if I know what happens?

Well, things sort of changed. Really the only reason I read these books is because I signed up for the Kindle app on my phone. When you sign up you get to choose 10 books at the start and for 7 days you can read them for free. Honestly I don't even have any interest in reading on my phone either, but I figured I might as well have the app, just in case. Out of the ten book choice, The Hunger Games trilogy was there, so I picked them just because I didn't recognise anything else on the screen.

Then one night, after I finished The Book of Lost Things, I was sitting around on my phone and started to read the first book. I've been having some sleep troubles lately, so it was no surprise that by the time I fell asleep I was 50% through. 

What was surprising, was that I actually liked it.

I realise now that "don't judge a book by its movie" might be a better phrase than the one about the cover. Because I really enjoyed the first book. I didn't find it anything special, giving it 3/5 stars on Goodreads, and the writing style left a lot to be desired, but I enjoyed it. Then I figured "Hell, I have the other two, might as well finish them off."

And I had the whole trilogy read within 2 days. I flew through it, enjoying the second book more than the first (4/5 stars) and the third about the same as the second (also 4/5 stars). But gods did I hate the ending.

I did't hate the ending because it was a bad ending though. I hated it because I'd actually become invested in the characters and I wanted them to BE HAPPY DAMN IT.

Sure there were a few things about it that I didn't care for. The love triangle being the biggest one. I think that you could have made Gale and Katniss' relationship purely platonic and literally nothing would have changed about the story. And then there were a few bits and pieces that I don't think wrapped up all too well, but really, I had completely surprised myself with how much I thoroughly enjoyed these books.

It's my own fault, I think, for judging the books from the movie. And if I'm totally honest, up until about two years ago I thought myself something special for not reading hyped up books, like it made me a better reader than some people. Of course I was totally full of shit and got over that ages ago, but still never pulled myself to give these books a go up 'til now.

While reading the last book I came across the chapter where Katniss sings The Hanging Tree, and ended up looking it up on YouTube. "They must have included this in the movies," I thought "It's too beautiful not to." 

When I heard it, I cried. Genuine tears came out of my eyes. Music has always been a very emotive art form for me, and I realised then that there's always one plus to having a movie adaptation to a book: the soundtrack. Good gods I'm keeping that song in a playlist because it is gorgeous.

So basically, I'm so glad I did finally read these books. And I think the only thing left to say is: thank you Amazon Kindle!

Any thoughts from you guys? How did you feel about The Hunger Games, the ending, or the love triangle? Let me know!


  1. I thought Mockingjay was a huge disappointment. It was akin to the ending of How I Met Your Mother. Like the Mother's death, the ending just seemed pointless to me and a waste of time. However, I read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire in a day -- they are so addicting! I was also pleased to see Katniss end up with Peeta, I always thought they were a much better match. I'm so glad you gave the trilogy a chance and didn't completely write it of because of the movie. I enjoyed reading your review and am a new Bloglovin' follower.

    1. They were definitely addicting! I really did feel a bit of disappointment at the end, especially with the whole epilogue thing, I hate when epilogues are set years after the book, I don't want to know any of that, that's where I want to be able to use my imagination to come up with what happens afterwards. Like the epilogue in Harry Potter literally ruined the effect of the book to me tbh and I pretend it doesn't exist, nothing after the Final Battle is canon in my head in HP hahaha. So I felt the same with the ending of HG. I was glad about Peeta though but that's all really. Thanks so much for following!


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