Friday, 2 December 2016

November 2016 / Tome Topple Wrap Up

I didn't read so much this month. Winter is not my best time of year and I kind of want to just hibernate until spring comes back around. Is that physically possible for a human being? ... Tempted to try anyway. 

In November I read three books, all physical copies, one a re-read and two were new reads that I picked out for Tome Topple. Let's get started!

The Books

5 Star Re-Read

I first read this in May of this year, and absolutely loved it. It's a book of gorgeous poetry by a very talented musician that completely stands up to re-reads.

Tome Topple

Tome Topple is a Readathon hosted by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes

I rated both of these 3 Stars, although I definitely enjoyed the first book more than the second. The second really dragged for me, and I know they're both over 500 pages (Tomes), but the second book felt slow even when there were things going on. I had 20 pages left at the end, someone had literally just been shot, and I got bored. I left those 20 pages until the last second to read just because I didn't care anymore. 

However, I still do really like these books, purely for entertainment factor. This is the kind of book where the plot is great, but there's nothing much else going for it. I love Lisbeth as a character, and Mikael too (although not as much as Lisbeth, she's great), but if it weren't for the twisting and interesting plots I would have given up on this. I'm still planning to read the third book at some point in December.

On the Blog

I suppose it carries over that because I didn't read much this month, I didn't post much either. This is a book blog after all, if I don't read then there's not much to write! I could have defaulted to Top Ten Tuesdays and Top 5 Wednesdays but I wasn't in the mood to write posts like that either.



On the topic of NaNoWriMo - I failed! Miserably! But that's okay, because I went into it with the wrong kind of plan, and now I know what I need to do differently. I did manage to write a little over 12'000 words, which I wouldn't have if I hadn't participated. I'll definitely be giving it a go again next year and I'll beat it next time! I'm thinking about trying Camp NaNo as well, but I need to learn more about it before I go for that.

Tome Topple

So this month was a slow one, but hopefully it'll pick back up for December! Who's excited for Christmas? I'm feeling ambivalent about it. Let me know!


  1. I'm pretty excited for Christmas! This is my first year really celebrating since my brother passed away. My boyfriend and girlfriend are so festive about it, so it's difficult being broody with all that joy, lol. I know I'm going to be getting books and hot cocoa, which are my favourites, so I can't go wrong with that. :) Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season, Al!

    1. I hope you had a nice Christmas! I'm sorry to hear about your brother, I'm sure it's really hard to be without him. Did you get any really good books?


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