Review Policy

What I am interested in:

  • YA, Adult, Children's 12+, Non-Fiction.
  • Fantasy, Contemporary, Dystopia, Humour, Memoir, Horror, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Poetry, Short Stories, Translated Fiction, Literary Fiction.
  • Anything featuring mental illness, LGBTQIA+ issues, strong female characters and racial diversity.

What I am NOT interested in:

  • How-To Books, Romance, Erotica, Children's Under 12.
  • Anything featuring vampires or werewolves.
  • I will consider Sci-Fi on a case-by case basis.

I accept print books, ebooks and PDF files (I do not own an e-reader, so much prefer print copies over reading on my phone). I will post reviews on this blog and Goodreads. If you wish for a review to be posted on Amazon please say so in the email, I'll happily oblige! But please understand that if I accept your book I still might not be able to read and review it. Life gets in the way of things like that sometimes.

I will post reviews for books I did not like, but I will always try to be constructive and never harsh.

I am only accepting requests for reviews - I am not currently participating in blog tours or interviews.

Email me at

Include in your email: a synopsis of the book, a link to a Goodreads page for the book, and the PDF file if appropriate.

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